Sentosa Island Oil Spill: Singapore Beach Turns Into Oily Mess | The Hnt

Sentosa Island Oil Spill : An oil spill off Southern Singapore has spread to other areas of the Island's coast threatening a Marine reserve and forcing the closure of several Parks authorities are promising to intensify cleanup efforts the oil spill started when a Netherlands flag dredger struck a stationary Singapore flagged bunker vessel on Friday afternoon in the port of pasir panjang,

Sentosa Island Oil Spill

Authorities say the vessel is no longer leaking oil but due to the tidal current the oil has washed up along shorelines,  an oil sheen was also seen in the water surrounding a 400,000 square meter Marine protected area uh we we plan to swim today but since we knew what happened to the Sea yesterday then we decided not to waste our Sunday

Just just come and enjoy the win there's no wind a bit of wind but it's okay the view is awesome ni it's in Insidious because it gets into the nooks and crannies of stuff that it makes it really hard to to to clean up and we've got a lot of rocks and mangroves around us and so into that environment it's even more challenging um so depends a little bit on where it's where it's ended up nature is good

Singapore Beach Turns Into Oily Mess

At breaking it down unfortunately or fortunately you know and um so it does that whole motion of washing and the Sun and things will eventually break it down um and um yeah yeah but it's not good on a larger scale like this it's pretty rare um and you know especially given the the amount of traffic that goes through through through Singapore 

But yeah they really need to you know there really need to be some pretty tough penalties around this sort of stuff so it doesn't happen I mean I don't know the incidents or what how this has occurred but there's you really you can't have have any of these occurring in my view just just you know it's um it's just criminal honestly when 

Sentosa Island Oil Spill: Singapore Beach Turns Into Oily Mess | The Hnt

I was here I I I thought oh there there must there must be a new event like oh there's a new blackand beach at Sosa but no apparently it was a oil spill I mean it's evident when you can smell it all over Sosa actually but yeah I mean I mean usually we come here every weekend to play beach volleyball with everyone t

The Nets around us uh but and usually when we are hot and stuff we go down to the waters to chill ourselves and stuff but I mean in this condition there's no way for us to go down to the water so yeah that's a the wacky thing right now early this morning our team was on the ground to access the situation 

and based on what we have seen our utmost priority is to uh advise our guests not to enter the water uh because of the the the o on in in the water there so safety and um of our guests and our co- residents were at the top of our minds